Shortening my bucket list

Last weekend my bucket list got a little bit shorter: I finally visited Graceland. Image

In honor of our 40th birthdays, a childhood friend and I decided to take a jaunt to Elvis’ old place. It happened to be his birthday week as well, making the trip even more fitting.

As expected, the house was a shrine to the King, complete with collections of his awards, signature white jumpsuits, even his private planes. You could feel his spirit in the place.

Memphis itself was a trip. To finally experience the blues and BBQ on Beale Street, was quite a treat. And the people: everyone we encountered was as friendly as could be. Unlike New York where people tend to be abrupt and closed off, people in Memphis went out of there way to say hello. Chivalrous men bought us drinks and held doors open for us. Why can’t most New York men do that?

Best of all was the laid-back, non-rushed vibe. My friend and I haven’t felt that relaxed in years. It’s truly a different way of life outside New York City. I need to experience that more often and in 2014, I’ll make sure that I will.