I put a spell on you

It’s probably the writer/editor in me but I really hate when people misspell common words or use them incorrectly. So what are these words?

Taking the #1 spot: “your” and “you’re”. I can’t count how many times I’ve gotten an email that says “your welcome”. Even some of the smartest businesspeople I know have made that mistake. For the record, it’s “you’re welcome”.

When I vented on Twitter today, I received multiple responses from communicators expressing their own pet peeves:

@mnisnis and @ACHOOGIRL pointed out “there”, “their” and “they’re” while @StephenWelch11 mentioned “its” and “it’s”. All very good examples – “They’re” right about those!

Another word that comes to mind is “tomorrow” – I can think of three people I know off the top of my head that spell it with two m’s. The sun won’t come out tommorrow but it will come out tomorrow!  🙂

Got a spelling pet peeve you’d like to share? Leave a comment or feel free to tweet me!

Shortening my bucket list

Last weekend my bucket list got a little bit shorter: I finally visited Graceland. Image

In honor of our 40th birthdays, a childhood friend and I decided to take a jaunt to Elvis’ old place. It happened to be his birthday week as well, making the trip even more fitting.

As expected, the house was a shrine to the King, complete with collections of his awards, signature white jumpsuits, even his private planes. You could feel his spirit in the place.

Memphis itself was a trip. To finally experience the blues and BBQ on Beale Street, was quite a treat. And the people: everyone we encountered was as friendly as could be. Unlike New York where people tend to be abrupt and closed off, people in Memphis went out of there way to say hello. Chivalrous men bought us drinks and held doors open for us. Why can’t most New York men do that?

Best of all was the laid-back, non-rushed vibe. My friend and I haven’t felt that relaxed in years. It’s truly a different way of life outside New York City. I need to experience that more often and in 2014, I’ll make sure that I will.

How to take control of your platform when presenting

My apologies for the lack of posts in December but I spent most of the month completing my civic duty. I’m not allowed to disclose too much information about it but I can say that it kept me busy and it was an interesting experience. It also made me appreciate the art of presenting and what it takes to take command in a room full of listeners: poise, polish and posture.

A confident speaker controls his/her environment and maintains steady eye contact, rather than reading from a document. It is also essential to engage your audience and an effective presenter will do just that. By seeking information about an audience’s own views or experiences, you immediately can win them over and receive their full attention. If you’re simply a “business-as-usual” or “get the job done” kind of speaker, expect a lot of yawns and daydreaming.

Honesty and empathy will also go a long way. If you know you’ll be presenting a plethora of facts and information, a quick heads up or a lively quip about it will let your audience know what they’re in for. Being energetic and organized will help your listeners get through even the driest content.

So what if you’re the listener?

During these last three weeks, I was one of many “listeners” or “participants”. And I must admit, it wasn’t always easy sitting there till 8:30pm on some nights knowing I had a Christmas party to go to. What to do? Make the best of it.

This can apply to anyone required to sit in a drafty room for several hours at a time: a common situation that many conference attendees often find themselves in. Or employees forced to attend staff meeting after staff meeting.

A few helpful tips to make the meeting process easier:

1. Bring a snack. If you’re bored, odds are you’re going to get hungry. So bring some chips or Twizzlers. And if you have a few extras for your seatmates, even better. Sharing is caring. A sugar buzz is a plus since you’ll need the added energy. 

2. Bring props. In my case, it was Christmastime, so I thought up an amusing icebreaker which got some laughs: I wore reindeer antlers on two different occasions. It created a lighthearted atmosphere which helped get us through the day. I even brought in noisemakers on New Year’s Eve day.

3. Engage your speakers. If you strike up a conversation with your presenter, he or she will like you enough to want to get you out of there as quickly as possible. The speaker will also make more of an effort to be engaging to keep you interested.

A little give and take will take you far whether you’re presenting or listening. Just a little food for thought as we begin 2014…