The mind-body connection

One of the perks of freelance life is that you often get to create your own hours. Even while on deadline (which is the case for a current project I’m working on), I still manage to set aside a small window to work out every other day.

In the old days, I used to use work as an excuse to skip the gym. “I’m too busy to get there,” I used to tell myself. Or shall I say, rationalize? “I’ll get there tomorrow.” “Well there’s always the weekend.” Both common expressions that crossed my lips.

However, I recently made a pact with myself that I will try to get to the gym no matter what. Not that I’m becoming a gym rat or anything. It’s because I’ve now discovered the true mind-body connection that so many of us may have heard about (or read about) but never experienced first-hand.

When I work out, I write better. I produce better. I think more clearly. My stress levels go down. It’s because of the good energy that comes with working out. It rids my body of toxins and negativity and creates a positive flow of energy.

More importantly, working out gets me moving! As a writer, I’m often sedentary. When I’m at the gym, I run, I flex, I bend, I tone.

And for those freelancers who might say, “I can’t afford a monthly gym membership, it’s too expensive,” have no fear. There is plenty you can do to stay active without breaking the bank.

My favorite non-gym activity? Taking the subway. More specifically, the R to F train transfer at Fourth Avenue/9th Street in Brooklyn. There are soooo many stairs to climb at that station that even the fittest person winds up huffing and puffing on the last few steps. A few weeks ago I ran into a young video editor I used to work with and even he was breathing heavily during our ascent to the F train stop. While it’s a challenging transfer, you legs, butt and thighs will thank you later. Image(The F train pulling into the Fourth Avenue station in Brooklyn).

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